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Three Layers Removed from IndianaMap

Posted on 2012-08-24 15:43:31
by Three Layers Removed from IndianaMap
At the request of the data providers, three data layers have been removed from the IndianaMap. IDEM personnel requested removal of the layer showing Old Landfills. IDNR personnel requested removal of DFIRM Floodplains data showing Base Flood Elevations (BFE) and Cross Section locations.


Apr 16 2013 13:03
   Do we know when the new floodplain maps will be available, please?

Dec 04 2012 11:24
   From IndianaMap Moderator - The Old Landfills layer was removed at the request of IDEM OLQ personnel. It is my understanding that many of the locations contained in this layer were never designated as landfills, but was alarming some land owners who had remediated trash or debris. Also, if a site formerly indicated in this layer still has the potential to impact the environment, then it is contained in other IDEM OLQ layers on IndianaMap such as "Institutional Control Sites," or "Solid Waste Landfills."

Dec 04 2012 11:19
   From IndianaMap Moderator: The two layers showing Floodplain BFEs and Cross Sections were removed entirely from IndianaMap. IDNR is the data steward, and i recall that they are totally revamping these layers based on the new elevation data and some improved modelling techiniques. Check their website for the latest news...

Oct 16 2012 15:51
   Did the (DFIRM Floodplains data showing Base Flood Elevations (BFE) and Cross Section location) layer get removed entirely or just modified?

Oct 15 2012 15:03
   so why should people not be aware of the location of old landfills?

Sep 07 2012 12:12

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