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IndianaMap Map Gallery (beta)- download full pdf


IndianaMap Map Gallery is a web application to view thematic maps that we have already made. These maps include a variety of topics and are produced from an assortment of IndianaMap GIS layers.

Browser requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9.0 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 10.0 or above
  • Google Chrome, version 12.0 or above
  • Safari, version 5.0 or above

User Guide

Map Gallery operation

Tool Bar

  • Across the top of the Map Gallery is the tool bar with five controls; Viewer, Layer Gallery, Map Gallery, Search map gallery, and User Guide
    • Click View to open the IndianaMAP Viewer
    • Click Layer Gallery to open the IndianaMap Layer Gallery
    • Click Map Gallery to open the IndianaMap Map Gallery
    • Enter a key word then click on the magnifier to search for a map
    • Click User Guide to open the this document

Thematic Map Gallery

  • There are up to nine thematic map icons displayed per screen
  • Hover the mouse cursor over the map icon to display a map tip to read more information about the map
  • Below the thematic map icons is a Right, 1, 2, 3, Left button used to scroll through the collection of thematic maps
  • The Tweet button allows users to send the Map Gallery URL to their Tweet followers

Open a Thematic Map

  • Click on one of the Thematic Map Icons to open a map in the Thematic Map Screen.

Thematic Map Screen

  • Below the tool bar is the map title and brief description (if one exists)
  • Below the map title is the Search tool
  • The map is displayed in the Map layout window
  • The Legend and About window includes the list of GIS layers, legend, information about this map and More information

Search tool

  • Search operation – To use the search tool, enter a location, keyword, address, or point of interest. Select an entry from the dropdown list, then hit enter to complete the search.
  • Search for a location – Locations such as zip codes, counties, cities, towns, etc. can also be included in the search. For example: Enter “Mexico” to locate this town.
  • Search for an address – IndianaMAP includes a geocoding feature to locate addresses. The more information included in the address search, the more likely you are to discover its location. For example, enter “301 S Walnut St, 47401” and a list of search responses will display in the Detail window. Click on the selection of choice to locate this address on the map.
  • Search for a point of interest – These are geographic names such as water bodies, state parks, monuments, etc. For example, enter “Monument Circle” as your search term ans a list of search responses will display in the Detail window. Click on the selection of choice to locate it on the map.

Map Layout Window

  • Map Layout operation - This window displays the selected thematic map and allows the user to change the basemap, zoom in and out of the map, change to full screen, open and close a map overview display.

Legend and About Window

  • Legend and About operation – This window displays the list of layers that can be turned on and off from the check/uncheck box and shows the Legend symbology for each layer. The About button shows a detailed description for the map and provides the users access to ArcGIS.com.